License Retail Tyre Technician Course July 9th & 10th 2020


License Retail Tyre Technician Course July 9th & 10th 2020
A licensed retail technician is likely to come from a number of backgrounds, i.e. apprentice, trainee or from another company where they have gained experience, but may not hold relevant qualifications or where qualifications may be old or out of date.
Modules covered on the course are Practical Assessment – Fitting of Car, Light Van and 4X4 tyres, Practical Assessment – Wheel Security (BSAU 50), Practical Assessment – Minor Tyre Repairs (BSAU 159(g)), Balancing, Theory & Practical Assessment, Four Wheel Alignment, Theory & Practical Assessment, TPMS and Manual Handling and Safe Working Practices
On completion of the course delegates will receive their formal qualifications and licenses – City & Guilds, NTDA License Retail Tyre Technician valid for 5 years.
Congratulations to the delegates from Armstrong Motors & Engineering, Peak Performance and Shorts Travel Ltd.
Further dates available in 2020, please see the website for details.