Isle of Man Government upskills staff with Michelin Training


Michelin Training and Information Centre recently welcomed Matthew Crowe and Peter Alton from the Isle of Man Government to complete a range of courses, including Truck Tyre Fitting, Safe Material Handling and Agricultural Tyre fitting to help hone and develop technician skills.

The Isle of Man Government has a diverse fleet of vehicles, this means that technicians must be able to deal with different, often specialist operations. The vehicles require a range of tyre related skills to ensure they remain roadworthy and maximise productivity.

The objectives of the two delegates were different due to their differing levels of tyre experience, Matthew with twenty-five years and Pete with three months. Matthew wanted to ensure what he has done over many years was best practice, in addition to deepening his knowledge; whilst for Pete it was about upskilling, improving his knowledge and providing a sound foundation for his development.

Matt said “We have found the courses interesting, engaging, and insightful. For myself it has helped to improve my overall knowledge as well as validating my working practices. Whilst completing the Agricultural course we used the lifting bag, which is a new piece of equipment for myself, and this is something we will look to purchase to ensure best practice is followed going forward. The trainers created a calm atmosphere that helped the learning process, and they have great depth of knowledge in their field’.

Pete said, ‘As someone new to industry, the courses have given me a much greater knowledge of tyres as well as helping to improve my understanding of working practices.’

Through the successful completion of the courses both Matthew and Peter gained the NTDA LCTT Cat 1, 2 and 3 licences in Truck, Specialist Wheels and Agricultural Fitting.